Director: Ninja Thyberg
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

Nineteen-year-old Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel) flies from her native Sweden to Los Angeles to live out her "dream" of becoming a star in the adult entertainment industry, only to realize success isn't necessarily attained "overnight" and there are some "bad shoots" she has to endure (like being tied up, spit on, choked, called names ... and worse) in order to keep going.  There's a strong sense of "authenticity" to it since many of the cast members are involved in the business - like Evelyn Claire, Dana DeArmond, Casey Calvert, director Axel Braun, agent Mark Spiegler and so on - but its "point" about how working in porn (especially the more "extreme" kinds) can be degrading is rather rudimentary, and it never sufficiently digs into what would drive a teenager halfway across the world to do this: she claims "Swedes just suck" but there has to be more to it (her phone conversation with her mother sounds like they get along, too).  This is an "extended" version of the fifteen minute short Thyberg made in 2013 ... which is about all the time you need to cover this subject.