What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

Director: Aleksandre Koberidze
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

On one fanciful day in town of Kutaisi, soccer player Giorgi (Giorgi Ambroladze) and physician Lisa (Ani Karseladze) have a "special encounter" on the street and become immediately infatuated with each other, but "elemental forces" - a sapling, a security camera, a rain gutter and the wind - tell Lisa she's been "cursed" and the next day both of them would turn into other people (played here by Giorgi Bochorishvili and Oliko Barbakadze) and lose their previous abilities.  While I appreciate Koberidze's sense of playfulness (at one point he asks the audience to close their eyes, later on he narrates the lives of the local dogs) and wistful take on affection and identity, I can't help but feel like he loses himself along the way: it becomes too affected with its umpteen shots of shoes, inanimate objects, tables, backs of heads and he keeps mentally drifting off to all sorts of other places (he also gets too preoccupied with kids playing fútbol).  It's one thing to tell a story in a roundabout way, it's another to start a narrative and then kind of lose interest in offering the audience any sort of solid "conclusion."  But it does contain a line that resonates: "That's what it's like when you love: you worry."