The Wasteland

Director: David Casademunt
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.0

In desolate Spain (sometime during the 19th century) a little boy named Diego (Asier Flores) is living with his parents Lucía (Inma Cuesta) and Salvador (Roberto Álamo) and all of them are concerned with some supposed eyeless "beast" stalking the countryside (that "feeds on fear") - eventually, they find a dying man in a boat who supposedly saw the beast, he commits suicide, and then Salvador (inexplicably) leaves them to deliver the deceased's body to his family.  It's well-shot - I'll give it that much credit - and gives off a strong post-apocalyptic atmosphere, but it also feels like it's making it up as it goes along: there's almost no background information given on any of these characters (or their situation) so all you're left with are camera tricks and moody lighting.  It's been suggested it's actually about "mental deterioration" but in order for that to be the case it needed more complexity: watching a worn out Mom shooting a shotgun through the windows and walls is the opposite of "nuance."