Planeta, El

Director: Amalia Ulman
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.5

Designer Leonor (Ulman) lives with her widowed mother María (Alejandra Ulman, her real Mum) in an apartment in Gijón, Spain where they goof around and don't pay their bills (the electricity goes out at one point) and spend money they don't have on designer clothing.  As far as debut films go, this one shows promise for the Argentine-Spanish artist (whose work on Instagram is worth checking into as well): while it is somewhat low-effort, "quirky" (those screen wipes!) and self-absorbed (she keeps the camera fixed on herself most of the time), I do think she makes valid points about consumerism and a reticence to work for the things society views as "valuable" (which makes her last scene - of María being arrested - even funnier).  The whole movie seems to be waiting for Martin Scorsese to make his appearance, but Hal Hartley (and maybe a splash of Jim Jarmusch) are the real influences.