Beware, My Lovely

Director: Harry Horner
Year Released: 1952
Rating: 2.0

Handyman/custodian Howard (Robert Ryan) finds the body of a dead woman at the house he's working at so he flees the scene (instead of reporting it to the police) and, in need for work (and a place to stay), takes on a job assisting widowed music teacher Mrs. Gordon (Ida Lupino) ... but it quickly becomes clear there's something wrong with Howard's head.  Ryan was a talented performer but I'm not quite sure this was the right role for him - also, his character conveniently "forgets" what's happening at random - but for being made with a tiny budget, Horner - typically an art director - makes the most out of it, focusing on Howard's menacing tendencies.  His character "blames" the military for "demoralizing" him, but in truth someone that deranged shouldn't have been allowed outside of a psychiatric hospital.