In Front of Your Face

Director: Hong Sang-Soo
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.5

Sang-ok (Lee Hye-young), who (apparently) works at a liquor store in the United States, is back in South Korea visiting her sister Jeong-ok (Jo Yoon-hee) - they spend their time walking and talking, eating tteokbokki, doing some more walking ... and then Sang-ok has an appointment to speak with Jae-won (Kwon Hae-hyo) who - you guessed it! - is a director who wants to both cast her in a movie (and sleep with her!).  At this point, I'm seriously impressed with how Hong's managed to swindle the critical crowd copying and pasting the same exact "premise" over and over again: the conversations are stiff and more than likely improvised, there's barely a plot and then to try to add some "emotional" weight to it, Sang-ok reveals she has a terminal illness (which is a cheap and lazy move).  I think it's time for this guy to change the formula up: try adapting a novel in which the writer thought about the storyline for a few minutes.