Director: Bruno Dumont
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 3.0

Famous journalist/reporter France de Meurs (Léa Seydoux) - who even goes to the Middle East to cover conflict there between farmers and jihadists - has her personal life fall apart when she accidentally hits a young man on his motorbike and and suddenly realizes she doesn't have a good relationship with either her husband Fred (Benjamin Biolay) or her son Jojo (Gaëtan Amiel) and then quits television to spend time at a clinic in the Alps (where she has an affair with a journalist claiming he's a Latin teacher).  The premise is simple enough - what if a right-wing host from Fox News suddenly had a crisis of conscious and then, when she realizes she can't become "anonymous," goes right back to her "old life" - and it's all held together by a very strong performance by Seydoux, who looks like she's about to collapse any second (but doesn't).  Some of the "reviews" I've read of it argue that it's not "satirical" enough - trust me, Bruno thought of that already and instead decided to tell his story with a completely straight face (try not to roll your eyes at a line like "Capitalism is the gift of oneself to others").  You just got Dumont'd.