Director: David Silverman and Raymond S. Persi
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Siblings Op (voiced by Rachel Bloom) and Ed (Adam Devine), who have holes in their bellies and are known as "flummels," accidentally get absorbed by something called a "time flower" and are transported to modern day Shanghai where they're informed by talking poodle Clarance (Ken Jeong) that their species is extinct (which they try to fix).  Like so many recent animated movies, this is best suited for anyone under the age of ten because of the subpar jokes (there are only so many visual gags you can make out of being an anatomical anomaly) and caffeinated animation "style," although adults should figure out that it's actually (light) propaganda (I'm not kidding), with the "hero" of the tale being Dr. Chung (Benedict Wong), a "great" Chinese scientist.  Considering the intentional muddling of the origin of COVID-19 by that dubious nation, the following lines of a song in the middle of it ("For the world's full of danger / And life is unfair / You can kill time here or / Time can kill you out there") sound both ignorant and ominous.