King Richard

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

Sometimes irritating biopic of Richard Williams (Will Smith), security guard and tennis coach for his two daughters Venus (Saniyya Sidney) and Serena (Demi Singleton), that shows how, like an obsessed Soccer Mom, he tries to have perfect control over every situation involving the girls, much to the dismay of his wife Oracene (Aunjanue Ellis) and professional instructors Paul Cohen (Tony Goldwyn) and Rick Macci (Jon Bernthal).  It leans a little too close to hagiography for me - feel free to read the hit piece in The U.S. Sun where Sabrina Williams, one of his other daughters (from a previous marriage), talks about how he left them in poverty to ride the coat-tails of his superstar kids - and despite Smith's inherent charm as an actor, becomes more irritating the longer it goes on: he acts like it was "all his plan," but truth is he really did sire two Mozarts-on-the-Court, which is double miracle (better to be lucky than good, some might say).  The real stars are the ladies themselves, who became legends in spite of their father, not because of him.