Call of the Wild

Director: William A. Wellman
Year Released: 1935
Rating: 3.0

At the very beginning of the 20th century, professional gambler Jack (Clark Gable) gets a tip from old pal Shorty (Jack Oakie) - who spent some time in the clink - of a location that supposedly has a ton of gold (he memorized the map!) so the two set off with lead dog Buck, encounter a lady (Loretta Young) who's lost her husband (and take her along with them) and then have to contend with the wealthy Mr. Smith (Reginald Owen), whose own greed literally drowns him.  Based on the novel by Jack London (a favorite of mine as a kid), it's a classic bit of Americana, with Gable possessing the magnetism young actors can only dream about and Buck stealing the whole movie with his heckin' adorableness (when he's not borking he's dragging a sled and wiping out his competitors like a good boy).  There's an ugly story floating around about what took place between Young and Gable off-camera that I'll leave to the historians, but on-screen there's a good deal of chemistry between them: her character goes back to her husband ... and Buck goes back to the wilderness.