Four Good Days

Director: Rodrigo GarcĂ­a
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

Heroin addict Molly (Mila Kunis) returns home to her long-suffering mother Deb (Glenn Close) in order to get clean, but Deb is skeptical of how authentic she is - Molly's stolen from her in the past, and been in and out of rehab a whopping 15 times - which is understandable; together, they try to "re-bond" with each other, even though Molly seems to be lying a good portion of the time.  Both Mila and Glenn are good together in what amounts to an after-school special most people have seen (if not lived through themselves) numerous times before: of course she uses again, and naturally she has two very bright children that she can't reasonably take care of, but it leaves room for hope at the end.  It's based on an article - not a book - so maybe next time they'll want to find something more, I don't know, substantial to work off of?