The Sparks Brothers

Director: Edgar Wright
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

"Fanboy" Wright reviews the long, winding and not exactly "mainstream" career of California-based brothers Russell and Ron Mael, starting with their childhood (and losing their father at a young age), emphasizing their love of movies (and surfing!) and failing to achieve mainstream success in the United States (but doing quite well in England, Germany, etc.).  There are a few interesting nuggets scattered throughout (I didn't know Russ played football or had a brief "fling" with Jane Wiedlin) but not enough to shed any real light on the duo's creative process, and the feigned shock by the director and celebrity fans (including Beck, Flea, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Jack Antonoff and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand) that a highly eccentric and polarizing cult band aren't as famous as the Rolling Stones is pretty ridiculous.  Personally, I kind of like them (despite a few qualms here and there - disco doesn't sound good from anybody), and suggest starting with 1974's Kimono My House ... if that doesn't blow your mind, they most likely aren't for you.