Fever Dream

Director: Claudia Llosa
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Young mother Amanda (María Valverde) goes with her daughter Nina to move into their summer house (her husband is lagging behind) and meets her new neighbor Carola (Dolores Fonzi), who proceeds to tell a story about how her son was poisoned and some kind of witch "migrated" another soul into his body (or something to that effect), changing his personality entirely.  I'm not sure how the source novel (by Samanta Schweblin) reads, but there is zero sense of narrative cohesion to any of this - I'm not sure if it's trying to be unsettling or what, but it's use of faux-poetic voice-over is more aggravating than effective in establishing an air of mystery.  The original title, in Spanish, translates to Rescue Distance but this one - provided by translator Megan McDowell - accurately reflects that it was conceived by someone in a delusional state.