Till Death

Director: S.K. Dale
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

Lawyer Mark (Eoin Macken) and his wife Emma (Megan Fox) have been going through a "rough" spot (this is putting it mildly) in their marriage - he knows about the affair she had with Tom (Aml Ameen), a partner in his firm - so he takes her to their lake house where they have a "nice night" together and when she wakes up she realizes she's handcuffed to him ... and then he shoots himself in the head ... and makes her drag his corpse around.  One can't expect much from Netflix-Branded Midnight Movie fare ("men are the enemy" appears to be a running theme), but for all its faults (come on, the contract killer has a dimwitted brother?) it is relentlessly grizzly and mean-spirited.  It doesn't give out a lot of background detail regarding Fox and Macken's marriage to warrant a level of cruelty this extreme (and elaborately thought out) ... and I'm glad no one I know who got divorced paid some guy to saw his ex-wife's head off.