Britney vs Spears

Director: Erin Lee Carr
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

Documentarian Carr and notable Rolling Stones journalist Jenny Eliscu look into the strange case of pop mega-star Ms. Britney Spears who, following an emotional breakdown, was placed into something called a "conservatorship" (translation: "civil death") in which her father Jamie has absolute control over every aspect of her life including who she can talk to and where she can go and has the ability to conveniently siphon money from her.  I don't like how Carr turns it into something resembling an investigative podcast - she films herself talking to Eliscu like they're two Nancy Drews trying to crack a case - and they leave out the infamous head-shaving incident back in 2007 (when she fled from rehab in Antigua) which was alarming ... and, naturally, they can't resist calling out "the patriarchy" while Britney's mother Lynne gets a free pass.  That said, there's something serious wrong with any parent that would hire a geriatric psychiatrist to state his/her child - in her mid-twenties - has "dementia" when she's fully capable of dancing, writing songs, touring the world and appearing on television shows.  What's even sadder is that what she really needed was serious medical attention and didn't seem to get it, so they turned her life into a kind of prison.  Cara Cunningham (formerly known as Chris Crocker) was right: leave this poor woman alone.