Halloween Kills

Director: David Gordon Green
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.5

Back in Haddonfield, Illinois, relentless killer Michael Myers is still out-and-about, taking loads of physical abuse and stabbing people repeatedly, with frequent target Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the hospital, suffering with a stomach wound (you'd think psychiatric facilities would have better security measures in place by now, but no ... they apparently do not).  For fans of the series, there are plenty of missteps: it makes an ill-advised move to borrow from Frankenstein (the "angry mob" chase after the wrong guy, who then commits suicide), it includes a homosexual couple (Scott MacArthur and Michael McDonald) for diversity points (although they get dispatched just as easily as the straight people), plenty of "philosophical statements" get made (Myers is pure, nonverbal evil) and, unfortunately, there's some iffy acting.  What I'm personally interested in - and film scholars of the future should be taking notes on - is how Green, who started with art-house gem George Washington, transitioned to making stoner comedies (Your Highness, Pineapple Express) and several very good (and light) TV shows (Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals) but has now shifted to horror ... which I'm not sure his temperament is all that suited for.