Queen of Broadway

Director: Sam Newfield
Year Released: 1942
Rating: 1.5

Sherry Baker (Rochelle Hudson), an actual wizard when it comes to predicting the outcome of sporting events, gets an unexpected visit from a small boy named Jimmy (Donald Mayo) who wants to place a bet for his mother ... except his mother has just died in her sleep, so Sherry gets coerced from her colleagues to let the boy live in her apartment.  While the premise is hackneyed and desperate for sympathy (can't ask for much from a B-movie), it's a breeze to watch, plus it gives a peek into life during WWII: a female who is that good at handicapping is a rarity (although it never even attempts to explain her methods) and it shows some hypocrisy when the authorities refuse to allow her to adopt the boy but it will permit her "love interest" Ricky (Buster Crabbe) to do so because he owns a football team, which is considered a more "legitimate" profession.  I personally find it kind of funny the way Sherry describes herself as something akin to a "stock broker" ... while the markets do feel like a casino, gambling is still gambling.