South of Heaven

Director: Aharon Keshales
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.5

Inmate Jimmy Ray (Jason Sudeikis) - incarcerated for fifteen years for armed robbery - gets let out of prison to spend time with his girlfriend Annie (Evangeline Lilly), who is dying from lung cancer and only has about a year to live, but his plan to marry her is bungled when his shady parole officer Schmidt (Shea Whigham) blackmails him into running an illegal errand.  It starts off sappy - Jimmy and Annie even sing "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys - reminding the audience constantly about her condition and then it truly goes off into the land of not only implausibility but incomprehensibility: there's an accident, then a cover up, then two kidnappings, then a car accident and it feels like the screenwriters are making it up as they go along, forgetting to add a whiff of common sense into the mix.  By the time Sudeikis turns into John Wick and takes out multiple trained guards, it's probably lost most of its audience ... and for those who don't turn it off in disgust, the last shot of the movie is a comically tragic elbow to the forehead.