The World Gone Mad

Director: Christy Cabanne
Year Released: 1933
Rating: 1.0

There's a huge scam going on with the Suburban Utilities company - securities fraud is no laughing matter! - that's being investigated by District Attorney Avery Henderson (Wallis Clark) ... but when he winds up murdered, snarky journalist Andy Terrell (Pat O'Brien) and new District Attorney Lionel Houston (Neil Hamilton) really get involved in the case.  Plausibility is a major issue with this low budget fiasco - killing off D.A.s isn't suspicious at all, oh no - and the acting (aside from O'Brien) leaves much to be desired, though director Cabanne doesn't waste too much time, rushing through the storyline like he doesn't want you to think about it too long (which is a wise decision).  As far as the title is concerned: 85+ years later, it still is....