Director: George Gallo
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Former police officer Damon (Morgan Freeman), who is disabled, asks his caretaker Victoria (Ruby Rose) - who has a past of her own as an assassin - to travel, via motorcycle, to five locations to collect money for him - when she refuses, he "kidnaps" her daughter.  To show just how lazy and poorly written it is, check the opening credits where whoever was supposed to be in charge of graphic design forgot to remove the Lorum Ipsum placeholder text (but they made sure to include that Gallo's The Comeback Trail gets nominated for over a dozen Oscars ... sure).  The rest of it is repetitive and loaded with atrocious dialogue, hilarious "flashbacks," awful accents, a scene shot from a rat's P.O.V. ... there are so many bad decisions at work here it's exhausting to list them all.  They should have used the Gutmann method on the hard drives that held the master files.