Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 3.0

Prototypical stage mother Rose Hovick (Rosalind Russell) is living vicariously through her two daughters Louise (Diane Pace as a child, Natalie Wood as an adult) and June (Morgan Brittany and Ann Jillian), dragging them all over the country to perform (with Karl Malden following along hoping Rose will marry her); later, when June runs off to get married, she focuses on Louise becoming a star ... which she does, in the risqué world of burlesque.  Some may be put off by Russell's performance - and she is rather extreme - but I found her single-minded obsession to be strangely fascinating: she's basically breaking multiple child labor laws and an unapologetic exploiter of children ... but when you really think about it, kids don't appreciate school anyway, so why not make them earn their keep?  It's also eerily prescient: there are way too many people who are famous today for having absolutely no talent (except, in some cases, for taking their clothes off).