Soldier of Fortune

Director: Edward Dmytryk
Year Released: 1955
Rating: 2.0

Jane Hoyt (Susan Hayward) takes a trip to Hong Kong to look for her missing husband Louis (Gene Barry) - who is detained in mainland China over suspicions that he's a spy - but doesn't get any assistance from the authorities, so she asks nefarious importer-exporter Hank Lee (Clark Gable) to help out ... and he does (and falls in love with her).  It takes ample time dawdling and soaking up the local scenery - it takes a half hour before Gable appears - and then there's Dmytryk pressing hard with his anti-Communist angle (having been one of the Hollywood Ten who "named names") and begging his masters for forgiveness.  The whole scenario is a little preposterous: Gable risks his life - and the lives of others - for a married woman in the off chance she'll leave the husband he's trying to rescue (and, naturally, he wins).  The best line comes courtesy of Barry the photographer: "Nations fall when they lose their sense of humor."  Let's hope America never forgets that....