The Voyeurs

Director: Michael Mohan
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

Young couple Thomas (Justice Smith) and Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) move into their new studio apartment in Montréal and become entirely too captivated by the sexual antics of their neighbors across the street, photographer Seb (Ben Hardy) and his wife Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), and "intervene" when they see that Seb is carrying on affairs with his models.  The Master's Rear Window is the clear starting point - raising questions about the morality of "spying" on other people - but even Hitchcock would have winced at the egregious abuse of symbolism and the preposterous ending, which might have sounded "deep" on paper, but when executed just flies in the face of all logic (which makes me wonder if Jaden Smith ghostwrote the screenplay).  There's a film to be made about the problems with "cyber stalking" in the age of social media - in which people "voluntarily" put their "private lives" on full display (or in the case of OnlyFans, where mostly women become involved in the "sex industry") - but this isn't it.