Don't Breathe 2

Director: Rodo Sayagues
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

Years after the first movie came out, The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) apparently has a daughter named Phoenix (Madelyn Grace) that he keeps locked up in his house, but temporary peace is disrupted when he once again has several invaders trying to take her from him.  Unlike the original, this at least has a moral center (the little girl), and the twists are somewhat refreshing: these aren't movies known for their dialogue or in-depth explanations, so naturally every new revelation should come as something of a surprise.  Lang, now 69 years old, is still in fantastic shape, and while plausibility is still in question - I stumble finding the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning lights on - the final third of it is simply brutal: I'm glad the little lady is able to go from cutting her mother's arm off and murdering her father to finding new friends moments later.