Stage Fright

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Year Released: 1950
Rating: 1.5

Eve (Jane Wyman), an aspiring actress studying at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, gets involved in the messy personal life of fellow actor Jonathan Cooper (Richard Todd), who's accused of murdering the husband of his lover Charlotte (Marlene Dietrich).  Neither the Master himself nor François Truffaut had much of anything positive to say about this in Truffaut's legendary interview, and I agree with all of their points - the flashback is a complete lie, no one's in any real danger, Hitch admitted he had problems with Wyman - although I will disagree with them and say I actually quite liked Alastair Sim as Wyman's father: the idea of an actor/sleuth always appealed to me.  The lack of urgency - or many likeable characters - makes this one of his weaker efforts for me, and I can see why he'd be so dismissive of it.