Naked Singularity

Director: Chase Palmer
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Persistent New York-based public defender Casi (John Boyega) - who's not in the good graces of Judge Cymbeline (Linda Lavin) and close to being disbarred - partners up with ex-con Lea (Olivia Cooke) and fellow lawyer Dane (Bill Skarsgård) to swipe millions worth of heroin out of a Lincoln Navigator that's been impounded ... all while some sort of "collapse" is supposed to happen in the world.  It's tough enough nowadays to do a decent courtroom drama, but trying to incorporate a sci-fi element into it is even tougher ... and it's even more challenging to make it work when the story is not only incoherent but completely implausible, even on its own "terms."  There's a feeble attempt to do social commentary about race relations, but that gets lost when you have Boyega running around with a katana (that he wasn't trained how to use) like he's some wannabe samurai.