Swan Song

Director: Todd Stephens
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.0

Expert hairdresser Pat (Udo Kier), who's living in a retirement home after suffering from a stroke, is notified by the attorney of a former client (Linda Evans) that she left him $25k to do her hair for her funeral (she was very ... exacting), so he sneaks out and walks all around Sandusky, Ohio making new friends, confronting an old enemy (Jennifer Coolidge) and dealing with painful memories (his partner died of AIDS in the 90's).  It's paper thin plot-wise - I think it would have worked better as a short story - and also a little too enthralled with itself (the Glee crowd might be fine with it), but there's no denying that it's a nice lead role for long-time character actor Kier, who really embraces the flamboyance of it, so that by the end he looks and acts like Quentin Crisp (except even crispier ... because of the exploded chandelier on his head).  The way he takes a drag on that dark brown More cigarette and stares wistfully ... it's a far cry from playing Dracula, Frankenstein or being Fassbinder's drinking buddy.