John and the Hole

Director: Pascual Sisto
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Zombie-like thirteen-year-old John (Charlie Shotwell) finds an abandoned bunker by his house so, being deranged and everything, he drugs both of his parents (Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Ehle) as well as his sister (Taissa Farmiga) and tosses them in it and they can't escape - while they're starving and filthy and cold, he plays video games, eats fast food and keeps taking money out of the ATM.  Don't get me wrong, many children wonder what it's like living as an adult, but none take it to the extreme: John is an odious sociopathic monster, and the script (by Nicolás Giacobone) is either underwritten or just repugnant, depending on how much leeway one's willing to give it.  There's a parallel story - I think? - with a twelve-year-old girl that isn't well-incorporated, and there's no way on Earth it thinks it can end the way it does, with everything presumably returning to "normal" after the family has been "saved" (that boy needs therapy!).  If I had ever pulled a stunt like that - which I would have never dreamed of - the second my Father got out of the hole, I was going in it.