Director: Roger Donaldson
Year Released: 1988
Rating: 1.0

Former soldier Brian (Tom Cruise) goes to NYC and starts working as a bartender at night - being mentored by show-off Doug (Bryan Brown) - while attending business classes during the day with the dream of "making his million"; sometime later, he takes on a gig in Jamaica where he meets - and bungles - a relationship with young painter Jordan (Elisabeth Shue).  The screenplay by Heywood Gould - based presumably about his own experiences - is poorly thought out and very silly with its machismo and Big Speeches (I wonder how many martinis Gould drank to type it up) and extended scenes of its two leads flipping bottles like they're in the circus and spilling precious booze all over their clothes and the floor.  I guess the funniest part about it is that Jordan becomes pregnant with Brian's child, and it turns out she's a rich girl masquerading as a "free spirit" the whole time ... oh, but of course, it's all about love and not money at all (she won't inherit anything from her parents at any point in time ... certainly not).