Director: Michael Cuesta
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 3.0

Cuesta should interpret that NC-17 rating as something to be proud of, since the film is hardly graphic, just unshakably disturbing (the way Kids managed to be several years ago). He handles the extremely touchy subject (especially now with the Catholic Church crisis) of (gulp) pedophilia with care, and actually turns the main pederast, played impeccably by Brian Cox (whose declaration, "I like girls ... it's confusing, I know" has to rank as one of the creepiest lines in cinema), into something of a human being (which will no doubt sicken some who watch this). It's not without its flaws - and trust me, there are many, ranging from the cop-out ending you've no doubt read about elsewhere (it is the only time 'judgment' is passed) to some of the strained dialogue - but at the core, the main character's relationship with this twisted man is so solid it makes most everything else forgivable.