The Get Together

Director: Will Bakke
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.0

Three people - an Uber driver who finds out her "bestie" is moving away from her, a man waiting to propose to his girlfriend (but loses the wedding ring!) and a musician who still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend - come together at a (vaguely "Christian") backyard party in the city of Austin and by the end of the night ... well, they're all just having a very nice time.  "Remaking" short films as features (the original was from 2015) doesn't really seem to be that great of an idea (Shiva Baby is another one), and while it's competently shot, the 'narrative progression' is about as artificially stitched together as it gets ... and it could have used a little more, ahem, humor and depth and a lot of other things too.  But hey, what a fun summer gathering, right?  Want a Fanta?  How about some graham crackers?