The Stranger in Between

Director: Charles Crichton
Year Released: 1952
Rating: 2.5

A sailor named Chris (Dirk Bogarde) is on the run after killing his wife's lover and finds an unlikely accomplice in little Robbie (Jon Whiteley), who lit his abusive adopted parents' curtains on fire - together they have to try to evade the ever-present police and get to his brother's house for "safety."  It's a little skimpy on details - and the child is grating when he does speak ("I'm hungry!"), which thankfully isn't too often - but it is atmospheric, and Bogarde is very credible as a man in an absolute state of panic who alternates between being enraged at the child and fatherly.  What's intriguing is how I kept rooting for Bogarde to actually get away - and he almost does - considering he is unquestionably guilty ... good show old bean.