Hugo and Josephine

Director: Kjell Grede
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 1.0

It's Summer in grand ol' Sweden and first grader Josephine (Marie Öhman) doesn't have any friends and her parents are too busy to spend time with her, so when she sees a bizarre little boy named Hugo (Fredrik Becklén), she thinks she's found her new best pal.  It begins all idyllic and serene, but it quickly - and I mean very quickly - runs out of places to go: Hugo is briefly upset when his (unseen) father goes to jail, but that's about all there is in the Drama Department, and the kids spend a part of the time in act three walking around a factory.  I think the attempt was to combine the sensibilities of Bergman and Truffaut and see if you can get this magical depiction of youthful whimsy, but it's a failure - I'd say this should be shown exclusively to the little ones, but twenty minutes in and I can imagine them becoming quickly disinterested and reaching for their iPads.