Director: Harold Ramis
Year Released: 1980
Rating: 2.0

Teenage caddy Danny (Michael O'Keefe) schmoozes with the (supposedly) wealthy patrons of the Bushwood Country Club - including real estate developer Al (Rodney Dangerfield), Judge Smails (Ted Knight) and WASP-y Ty (Chevy Chase) - in the hope of getting a scholarship ... while groundskeeper Carl (Bill Murray with a rather odd speech impediment) wages war against a destructive gopher.  This has been a cult favorite for as long as I remember - even as a kid I recall several friends owning it on VHS - but I never got the appeal (it doesn't help that I loathe golf): many gags are very low effort, there isn't really a plot and it just sort of rambles around - ESPN claimed it was maybe "the funniest sports movie ever made" but I prefer either Slap Shot or even Happy Gilmore.  Chris Nashawaty's book Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story claims there was a "rampant" abuse of cocaine on set which, considering the spotty humor (both Chase and Rodney are good), makes me wonder if they should have switched to the devil's lettuce instead.