The Pope of Greenwich Village

Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Year Released: 1984
Rating: 2.0

Two cousins, Charlie (Mickey Rourke) and Paulie (Eric Roberts), work together at a NYC restaurant but have big dreams of running their own place, so Paulie concocts a scheme - with the assistance of a safe cracker named Barney (Kenneth McMillan) - to steal a load of cash from the mobster "Bed Bug" Eddie Grant (Burt Young).  Vincent Patrick adapted it from his own novel, but the whole thing is too babbling and "actorly" - almost any small-town dinner theatre director would have told Roberts to tone it down a dozen notches - and the worst thing is that the two leads are stunads that I wouldn't trust to pump air into my car's tires.  There is absolutely zero chance their dimwitted actions would have ended the same way in real life, and the movie never addresses exactly what happened to McMillan's character: did they ever catch him?  Does he come back?  Or did he start a new life for himself in Poughkeepsie?