Wrath of Man

Director: Guy Ritchie
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

A mysterious "man with a past" nicknamed "H" (Jason Statham) takes a job with Fortico, an armored car company, at a time when there seems to be constant planned attacks by armed gunmen on those vehicles and no one's sure who's behind them.  I'm not sure if it's possible, at this point, for Ritchie to bring himself to tell a streamlined story: he's back at it with the flashbacks and the flash-forwards, "mixing" up the narrative (and even repeating scenes) to try to distract from how painfully simple it all is (he also has an awful ear for "tough guy banter").  The fact that the irate baddies (led by Jeffrey Donovan) are all former U.S. military who feel they're "owed" financial compensation gets brought up ever so briefly and then never addressed again ... and yet that's precisely something that's worth delving into.  Qualms aside, it's intriguing how Statham - following in the footsteps of, say, Bruce Willis - commands so much attention without saying much: charisma's a rare thing.