Plan B

Director: Natalie Morales
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

After throwing a house party and then forcing herself to have sex with religious nut Kyle (Mason Cook) - who she doesn't even like - Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) and her best friend Lupe (Victoria Moroles) have to scramble around South Dakota to try to find a Plan B pill before Sunny's domineering Mother comes back home.  There have been a bunch of these Superbad imitators cropping up lately - Booksmart being the most 'famous' of them - and while I'm all for grrl power and that sort of thing, I find it hard to accept teenage girls acting - and speaking - like dumb teenage boys (and vice versa): much of this just isn't funny, with the most 'shocking' bit involving (almost) fellating a limp phallus with a Prince Albert piercing (don't Google this at work).  It couldn't have been made on the East Coast, where you can get your tab of Levonorgestrel almost anywhere and wash it down with Dunkin' Cold Brew and a cruller.