Director: Rob McKittrick
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 1.0

Appetite-ruining "comedy" has Dean (Justin Long) and Monty (Ryan Reynolds) working at the local chain restaurant Shenaniganz (really just a Bennigan's) and questioning whether or not skipping college was the wise move while their coworkers appear to be engaged in a "game" of tricking each other into looking at each other's genitals (just to distract themselves from the pain of reality, I'm guessing).  The obvious source of "inspiration" is Kevin Smith's indie gem Clerks, only with the wit and clever jokes replaced with crude sight gags (pubic hair placed in mashed potatoes, hamburgers purposely dropped on the floor) and a lot of homophobia.  It has a cult following, but one of the predominant plot lines is Reynolds (and manager David Koechner) prowling around an underage girl (other high schoolers appear later on), so I wonder if today's audience (it's 2021) would find that aspect even slightly acceptable.  It does leave you with one genuine piece of advice that you should never forget: don't mess with the people who serve you your food ... and they probably don't want to be there to begin with.