Every Breath You Take

Director: Vaughn Stein
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.0

Having never emotionally rebounded from the loss of their son in a car accident, psychiatrist Dr. Philip (Casey Affleck) and his wife Grace (Michelle Monaghan) have their lives further disrupted when one of the doctor's patients, Daphne (Emily Alyn Lind), commits suicide and her brother James (Sam Claflin) shows up and seduces not only Grace but their daughter Lucy (India Eisley).  For most of the running time it's too busy wallowing in its own sadness, with Affleck's doctor entirely too passive and the main characters are preoccupied holding back tears, and it only gets worse as it plays out, leading up to a spastic third act in which it turns out someone's a clinically-insane killer (oh, how I hate those) and common sense is thrown out the passenger's side window.  I suspect Casey was cast in this because he was so commanding as a tormented man in Manchester by the Sea, but that was written by Kenneth Lonergan and this was written during breaks at the Pulp Factory.