Touch of Class, A

Director: Melvin Frank
Year Released: 1973
Rating: 3.0

Steve (George Segal), a married insurance man living in London, has several chance encounters with a fashion industry thief named Vickie (Glenda Jackson) and the two decide to take their tryst to Málaga, Spain, where he has to keep avoiding a film producer friend (Paul Sorvino) who's also there.  It's funny how the Universe conspires against them for the longest time to "prevent" them from consummating their affair for quite a while - Steve has back spasms, Vickie becomes overly critical - before they do realize, after throwing objects at each other, that they are in love (l'amour fou!) ... but even after getting an apartment back in Soho, it's not going to work in the end, as he's still committed to his wife and kids.  It must be totally draining to be a cheater - with the constant lying and deception and hubris thinking you can get away with it - but maybe being disloyal gets some people off.  Different strokes, etc.