French Exit

Director: Azazel Jacobs
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

Upper-class widow Frances Price (Michelle Pfeiffer) finds out she's "insolvent" - her husband Franklin (Tracy Letts) passed away years ago and left her a sizeable sum to live on but she's blown through it - so she leaves New York City with her son Malcolm (Lucas Hedges) and moves to Paris where she vows to kill herself after giving away the little she has left.  I'm not sure if Jacobs or screenwriter Patrick DeWitt intended for the antics of Pfeiffer or Hedges to be endearing, because I found both of them to be completely repulsive and obnoxious - two entitled individuals who care little about anything but themselves and treat people as useful fools.  It also fails at trying to be "fanciful," like using a medium to communicate with Frances' deceased spouse whose soul - believe it or not - is residing in the black cat they've been carrying around the whole time (didn't they think to ask him for stock tips?).  I get the feeling Salinger seems to be the prime influence, but this is doing it all wrong.