I Want to Live!

Director: Robert Wise
Year Released: 1958
Rating: 3.0

Career criminal Barbara Graham (Susan Hayward) - who deals in dope, prostitution and passing bad paper (among other things) - decides to "settle down" and get married and have a child, but that "old life" comes calling and she's accused of murder, which she denies taking part in.  Although the movie stresses over and over - there are even quotes by journalist Ed Montgomery, who covered the case - that this is totally factual, in reality the real Graham more than likely did commit the crime (even Hayward herself said as much), which differs from this version, in which there's no evidence to show she did it.  Still, despite the misleading nature of it, this is still a strong vehicle for Hayward who goes through all of the emotions (and deservedly won an Oscar for it), and Wise's handling of the staff of San Quentin setting up the gas chamber with cyanide is haunting (I wonder if he was thinking about the concentration camps in Nazi Germany while shooting).  For anyone with a heart, this should stir up some emotions regarding capital punishment, and it's a very good thing the Innocence Project exists (and accepts donations).