Ebola Syndrome

Director: Herman Yau
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 1.5

Perpetually horny Kai (Anthony Wong) leads a very ... active lifestyle: after being caught having sex with his boss' wife, he kills both of them (sparing their daughter) then goes to South Africa where he rapes a woman, contracts the Ebola virus and survives (it's a miracle!), then takes out his new boss and his wife, turns them into food (echoing The Untold Story) and then returns to his native land of Hong Kong to keep spreading it.  It isn't possible to take any of this even remotely seriously - Wong clearly relishes pushing it to the next level of filth and depravity ... and there's no more fitting finale than him running the streets fighting with the cops, spitting his own blood on people and (accidentally?) choking out a little girl.  As deadly as the virus is, there are an alarming number of deaths in this ... to furniture (anything can be a weapon if you're clever enough).