Director: Joe Penna
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.5

A trio of astronauts - Commander Marina (Toni Collette), Dr. Zoe (Anna Kendrick) and scientist David (Daniel Dae Kim) - embark on a two-year space mission to test if Mars can be a second home for the pitiful human race, only to have their plans messed up when they find there's a stowaway named Michael (Shamier Anderson) on board ... and there's trouble with the oxygen levels.  The idea of putting the Trolley Problem in outer space isn't a terrible starting point, but the execution is hardly the smoothest (or most "natural") in how it develops: it's almost as if the whole thing was designed to fail from the very beginning, and it doesn't even think of asking the most basic questions (it never clarifies how Michael got on the ship).  The last act is especially unsatisfying, as they have to do some cardio in outer space only to get hit with more radiation (out of nowhere!) and someone has to be sacrificed for that somber last shot.