The Trouble With Being Born

Director: Sandra Wollner
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

An android named Elli ("Lena Watson" is the pseudonym used for the young actress) lives with her Dad (Dominik Warta) - who apparently built her - but can't sleep and has intrusive thoughts she struggles to understand ... and then one day she manages to break free, with disastrous results.  There's the seed of a powerful idea in there but Wollner botches it with vagueness and bad poetry - the scene where an underaged Elli is sitting naked on the counter and her father/lover/owner is washing out her removable tongue and vagina - even though it's done with CGI - is a jarring provocation, and it somehow manages to avoid addressing any number of deeper ethical and moral questions the scenario invites.  Two of the (many) things it could have explored are (1.) why is the father not exhausting himself searching for his real daughter instead of spending a fortune building a sex robot and (2.) whether or not the father's pedophilia is the reason the (human) girl went missing in the first place.  I feel the breath of Breillat in this, which is not a compliment.