Giants Being Lonely

Director: Grear Patterson
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.0

Fragmentary - and disconnected - feature debut by visual artist Patterson revolves around two baseball players, star player Bobby (Jack Irving) and the less-talented Adam (Ben Irving), and it seems as if Bobby is having an affair with Adam's emotionally fragile mother ... or something like that.  It's impressive how they seem to have stripped it of any kind of straightforward 'narrative,' so all the scenes just seem put together for no reason, there's zero explanation as to who anyone is or what they're thinking, and then there's the dialogue which seems to have been made up on the spot.  For being as vacuous as it is, at least the cinematography (by Hunter Zimny) is crisp: it may be the opposite of a professionally written movie, but at least it's easy to look at.