Project Grizzly

Director: Peter Lynch
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 2.0

Having survived an encounter with a grizzly, Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise becomes fascinated with the large beasts and designs a suit strong enough to withstand an attack from them, testing it out in a variety of ways (including slamming it with bats, tossing logs at it, setting it on fire, running into it with a car, etc.) before taking it to Banff (with a loyal crew) to see if he can lure a bear in.  Hurtubise is an eccentric in the best way possible - he can't stop babbling and he's seriously passionate - but Lynch's presentation is sloppy, treating it like a TV news segment: it could have been chopped down by half and you'd get the gist.  It doesn't help that the ending is anti-climactic, and that Troy and troupe are left - having ditched the suit miles back - watching a single bear from afar and unable to wrestle with it.