Director: Devereux Milburn
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.0

A waiter/actor (Sawyer Spielberg) and his researcher girlfriend (Malin Barr) go hang out in the woods - she's investigating some kind of fungus affecting crops - when they encounter an elderly woman (Barbara Kingsley) who feeds them and lets them stay with her, only to find that she's not a very nice person.  This is another copycat horror movie (with elements of Midsommar, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Get Out) that not only abuses the split-screen effect, but also constantly drops in silly sound effects and drags out what very little 'storyline' there is to absolutely no effect ... and then bad people win and it's supposed to rankle the audience or something.  Towards the end - if you've managed to keep watching - you'll be "rewarded" with an out-of-nowhere appearance by Lena Dunham ... in which she gets force-fed cooked human flesh.  Hooray, etc.