The End of the World

Director: August Blom
Year Released: 1916
Rating: 1.0

The good people of Denmark are just living their lives (smoochin' their secret lovers and whatnot) when the local astronomer notices a comet is heading towards Earth, which causes one guy to try to rig the stock market, the rich to throw a party and the poor working class to attempt a last minute revolt.  It's more valuable as a time piece than as a work of artistic merit - it's plodding and aimless and kind of generic until the streaks of light start hitting poor Mother Earth, which is when it becomes slightly more entertaining.  I'm not sure this is how humanity would behave if something like this were to happen, but that's something I hope we never have to find out.  For the record, I paired this with Brian Eno's 1989 album Textures (even though it's a few minutes shorter) which is better than the score they're currently using.