We All Loved Each Other So Much

Director: Ettore Scola
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 1.5

Three men - Gianni (Vittorio Gassman), Nicola (Stefano Satta Flores) and Antonio (Nino Manfredi) - who were tightly knit from fighting together in wartime have their adult lives disrupted by the existence of Luciana (Stefania Sandrelli), whom they all fall in love with at one point or another.  It's curious how a movie that's so enamored with neo-realism feels like anything but - it's too unrealistically structured, compressing what's supposed to be a six-plus hour journey into a third of the time, cutting corners and failing to provide a smooth transition from sequence to sequence.  Aside from being very attractive, I never quite bought into what made Luciana such a catch - she's flaky, difficult and suicidal - and making critic Nicola a bombastic cartoon character wasn't a smart choice.  It's fun to see Fellini (who's mistaken for Rossellini) and Marcello back at the Trevi Fountain, but that's just a reminder of what this is trying to be but isn't.